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We adhere to the principle of providing wireless communication modules and solutions for our customers. We have 2.4G Wi-Fi BT Modules with various dimension, including 12*12mm, 12*13mm, 13*15mm,14*18mm and 21*23mm,etc.In chipset, we have multiple chipset manufacturers for our 2.4G Wi-Fi BT Modules including Realtek, Qualcomm, Hisilicon, Bouffalo Lab, NXP, Amlogic,Icommsemi and Bestech. The most common solutions of 2.4G Wi-Fi BT Modules includes RTL8188 and RTL8189. You definelety can select the suitable modal of 2.4G Wi-Fi BT Modules that you want! The 2.4G Wi-Fi BT Modules allows you connecting the World with best efficiency and reliability. We design 2.4G Wi-Fi BT Modules for different application markets such as STB, IPC, TV, smart phones,smart doorbells, projectors and other portable devices.Choose us to give yourself an excellent fast-connected network communication experience.


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FN-LINK TECHNOLOGY LIMITED is mainly engaged in the R&D, production and sales of wireless communication modules and system solutions, peripheral equipment, and audio-visual equipment

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