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6223E-UUD Wi-Fi Module

RTL8723DU 1T1R
2.4G Wi-Fi USB2.0
12.2 X 13.0mm
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Pre-certification available: CE,FCC,BQB,SRRC
  • 2.4G 

  • BT4.2 and below 

  • Realtek 

  • 1T1R 

  • Select 

  • USB Interface 

Product Name

RTL8723DU Wi-Fi Module 6223E-UUD


2.4G Wi-Fi

USB2.0 Interface



12.2 X 13.0mm

Details Information


6223E-UUD is a small size and low profile of Wi-Fi + BT Combo module, board size is 12.2mm*13mm. It can be easily manufactured on SMT process and highly suitable for tablet PC, ultra book, mobile device and consumer products. It provides USB interface for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The module provides simple legacy and 20MHz/40MHz co-existence mechanisms to ensure backward and network compatibility and Bluetooth can support BT2.1+EDR/BT3.0 and BT4.2. 

6223E-UUD uses highly integrated Wi-Fi/BT single chip based on advanced COMS process. 

6223E-UUD integrates whole Wi-Fi/BT function blocks into a chip, such as USB, MAC, BB, AFE, RFE, PA, EEPROM and LDO/SWR, except fewer passive components remained on PCB. 

This compact module is a total solution for a combination of Wi-Fi + BT technologies. 

The module is specifically developed for Smart phones and Portable devices.


General Features 

Operate at ISM frequency bands (2.4GHz). 

IEEE standards support: IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11d, IEEE 802.11e, IEEE 802.11h, IEEE 802.11i. 

Enterprise level security which can apply WPA/WPA2 certification for Wi-Fi. 

Wi-Fi 1 transmitter and 1 receiver allow data rates supporting up to 150 Mbps downstream and 150 Mbps upstream PHY rates.

WLAN Interface 

USB for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. 

Bluetooth Features 

Fully Qualified for Bluetooth 2.1+EDR specification including both 2Mbps and 3Mbps modulation mode. 

Fully qualified for Bluetooth 3.0. 

Fully qualified for Bluetooth 4.2 Dual mode. 

Full–speed Bluetooth operation with Piconet and Scatternet support.


OTT/IPTV/DVB/Set-top Box, Tablet PC, Advertising Machine,Intelligent TV, IPC/NVR, Industrial Control Equipment,Car Recorder,Intelligent Doorbell, Intelligent Projector, Virtual Reality, VR/AR, Wireless Storage, Printer, POS Machine, Electronic Scale,Vehicle Front/Rear End, Drone, Robot, HDMI Transmitter,Smart Gateway, Education,Toys, Lighting Lamps, Intelligent Street Light, Intelligent Home Appliances/Home Appliances Instrumentation (Water, Electricity, Gas), Smart City and other Consumer Electronic Products.

Block Diagram 

single Antenna:

6223E-UUD module

Dual Antenna:

6223E-UUD module


Model No.


Main Chipset



Wi-Fi: USB 2.0

BT: USB 2.0

Wi-Fi Standard

IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n

Data Rate




RF Antenna

External Antenna

OS Supported

Android /Linux/ Win CE /iOS /XP/WIN7/WIN10

Operating Frequency


(2.4G ISM Band)

Operating Voltage



L x W x H: 12.2 x 13 x1.6 (typical) mm

RF Chain


Operating Temperature

0°C to 70°C

Storage Temperature

-55°C to 85°C

 Ordering Information 

Part No.



RTL8723DU, b/g/n, Wi-Fi+BLE4.2, 1T1R, 12.2X13mm, USB+PCM Single antenna, PCB version V1.0
FG6223EUUD-W2 RTL8723DU, b/g/n, Wi-Fi+BLE4.2, 1T1R, 12.2X13mm, USB+PCM, Dual Antenna, PCB version V1.0
FG6223EUUD-W3 RTL8723DU,b/g/n,Wi-Fi+BLE4.2,1T1R,12.2X13mm,USB+PC M Single antenna, PCB version V1.0 (with shield cover)
FG6223EUUD-W4 RTL8723DU, b/g/n, Wi-Fi+BLE4.2, 1T1R, 12.2X13mm, USB Single antenna, PCB version V3.0
FG6223EUUD-W5 RTL8723DU, b/g/n, Wi-Fi+BLE4.2, 1T1R, 12.2X13mm, USB, Dual antenna, PCB version V3.0
FG6223EUUD-L4 RTL8723DU b/g/n,Wi-Fi+BLE4.2,1T1R,12.2X13mm, USB+PCM,(No USB drop capacitors),Single antenna



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