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RF/Wi-Fi Module

 Areas Of Application

Consumer Digital

Tablet / laptop, smart TV / set- top box, Surveillance cameras, car recorders, AI speakers, game consoles, toys

Electrician Lighting

Switch socket, smart panel, interior lighting

Commercial Equipment

Printer, POS / cash register, projector, conference system, commercial display terminal

Personal Medical

Wear / track positioning, blood pressure and blood glucose measurement

Home Appliances

Refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, small appliances, floor sweepers, water purifiers, air purifiers

Smart City

Street lighting, smart parking, environmental monitoring and alarm, smart buildings

8291M-PR/8291N-PR The latest ultra-high bandwidth, low latency Wi-Fi6+BLE5.2 2-in-1 module

8291M-PR/8291N-PR Features:

Chip solution based on Qualcomm QCA6391
Wi-Fi PHY: Support 2.4/5.8GHz frequency band 2x2 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax
Support 2x2 /80MHz 1024QAM + 2x2 /40MHz DBS
Support AP, STA, Monitor, AP/STA coexistence, P2P/STA coexistence
​​​​​​​BT5.X, BLE Long Range and LE HS (up to 6Mb/s)
​​​​​​​Interface: WLAN: PCIe-L1ss, BT: HS-UART/I2S/SLIMBUS
​​​​​​​Support ML, STBC, MU‐ MIMO 2S Client, TXBF
Peak throughput rate:1800Mbps (2x2 80MHz 11ax + 2x2 40MHz 11ax)
1200Mbps (2x2 80MHz 11ax)
600Mbps (2x2 40MHz 11ax)
Size: 8291M-PR M.2 22*30
8291N-PR 19.5*21.5
​​​​​​​Global certification:FCC/CE,SRRC,RoHs/Reach
​​​​​​​Application scenarios:Smart TV, IPTV,VR/AR, Game box, Smart Gateway etc.
Power consumption DTIM = 1, 1 chain: 2.1 mW (2G 11b); 3.1mW (5G 80MHz)
1‐chain Listen, 20MHz @ 2.4G: 54mW
20MHz @ 5G: 90mW Cont. Rx
MCS7/1SS/HT20 @ 2G: 65mW
Cont. Rx, MCS11/2SS/VHT80 @ 5G: 315mW
Cont. Tx, MCS7/1SS/HT20 @2G: 135mW
Cont. Tx, MCS11/2SS/VHT80 @5G: 450m

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