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03 - 18
Fn-Link Technology Limited Has Received The Attention of Hunan Satellite TV!
Congratulations!The First Place in the "Five Good" ParkRecently, the leading group of Industrial Park construction in Hunan Province...
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01 - 17
Focus: The Whole House Intelligent PLC Group Standard is Released, Fn-Link Participates in the Formulation
Wireless communication module丨IoT solution providerThe photo of Shanghai Pudong Intelligent Lighting Association 01 Pudong Intelligent Lighting Association Publishes Industrial Lighting Group Standards On the morning of August 24, 2021, the first general meeting and the first council of the second S
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10 - 10
Announcement on KCC Certification Number R-R-FNL-8223A-SR and R-R-FNL-6222D-UUB
Certification/Registration No.Model Name of productNotice ContentR-R-FNL-8223A-SR8223A-SRPlease note that this device is not exported or sold to Korea as registration and certification No.R-R-FNL-6222D-UUB6222D-UUB
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