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Millimetre wave radar is a radar that works in the millimetre wave band for detection. Millimeter waves refer to electromagnetic waves with wavelengths between 1 and 10 millimetres, and their frequencies range between 30 and 300 GHz. Millimeter waves have high resolution, good directivity, and good detection performance. Compared with infrared, millimetre waves have less atmospheric attenuation, better penetration into smoke and dust, and are less affected by weather. These characteristics determine that millimetre wave radar has the ability to work around the clock and all day, making it an ideal solution for lighting, security monitoring, smart homes, smart appliances and other application scenarios. The radio frequency chain of our millimetre wave radar module is mainly 1T1R. Millimeter wave radar chipset solutions are mainly focused on AirTouch. The most common solutions include the AT58MP1T1RS32A and AT58MP1T1RD. The millimetre wave radar module provides you with a precise sensing experience. For more details and services on millimetre wave radar modules, please contact us!

  • E11SN-G Module
    AT58MP1T1RS32A 1T1R
    Uart 5.8GHz Radar microwave
    20 X 20mm
    Contact us for HDK, SDK and EVB

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