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The CAT.1 Module is an ideal choice for our customers in various market applications such as Sharing Economy, Financial Payment, New Retail, Public Network Intercom and POS devices. The CAT.1 Module features application processing subsystem, communication subsystem, audio CODEC, and SoC embedded  pSRAM. The CAT.1 Module with compact structure and highly cost-efficient System on Chipset. The most common solutions of CAT.1 Module includes 1603E and 1606E. The CAT.1 Module provides rich peripheral interfaces such as LTE, USB, UART, PCM, (U)SIM, Audio, ADC and GPIO.The CAT.1 Module with 3.8V Operating Voltage. The CAT.1 Module allows you to experience wireless network communication with high-efficiency speed. For more details and services for  CAT.1 Module, please feel free to contact us!

  • P102W-U LTE CAT1 Cellular Module
    1. General Description 
    1.1 Introduction P102W-U is a highly integrated LTE CAT1 and multi-GNSS module which supports both LTE-FDD and LTE TDD bands and GNSS. It features application processing subsystem, communication subsystem, and SoC embedded pSRAM. Both MCU and AP subsystem are able to run RTOS and user applications. This compact module is a perfect choice for varies M2M application, such as security system, routers, wireless POS, PDA 
    1.2 Description Model Name P102W-U Product Description Support LTE CAT1 applications and multi-GNSS Dimension L x W x H: 15.8 x 17.7 x2.4 mm Interface LTE, USB2.0, UART, PCM, (U)SIM, LCD, GPIO OS supported Android /Linux/ Windows Operating temperature -35°C to 75°C Extended operating temperature • Extended operating temperature • -40°C to 85°C Storage temperature -40°C to 90°C
  • P103N-U LTE/CAT.1 Module
    4G LTE CAT.1  Single Antenna

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