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6124N-R Bluetooth Module

Bluetooth5.1   BLE5.1
UART Interface
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  • Realtek 
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  • BT Interface 

Product Name

RS624MF  Bluetooth Module 6124N-R


Bluetooth5.1   BLE5.1

UART Interface


Details Information


The 6124N-R is an ultra-low power system on chip solution for Bluetooth 5.1 low power applications that combines the superior performance of a leading RF transceiver with the low power ARM Cortex-M4F with a wealth of powerful support features and peripherals.

The RS624MF has an infrared transceiver embedded in a single IC, a QFN package provided by hardware key scanning and a quad decoder.



Bluetooth BLE support.

Bluetooth LE 2 MBPS.

support LE L2CAP link directional channel.

support OTA upgrade program.

support GAP, ATT/GATT, SMP, L2CAP.

support Bluetooth Low Energy PHY.

support gm 4 line SPI.

4 kbits eFUSE.

supports a variety of low power consumption.


Laptop,Advertising Machine, Smart TV, IPC/NVR ,Industrial Control Equipment, Car Recorder, Smart Doorbell, Smart TV,Smart Projector, Virtual Reality, VR/AR, Wireless Storage, Printer, POS Machine, Electronic Scale,Car Front/Back End, UAV, Robot, Intelligent Gateway, Children's Education Toy, Lighting Fixture,Intelligent Street Lamp,Smart Home Appliances/ Home Appliance, Instrumentation (Water, Electricity, Gas) Smart City and other Consumer Electronic Products.

Block Diagram

6124N-R block diagram


Model No. 6124N-R Main Chipset RS624MF
Interface BT: UART Bluetooth Standard BT5.1/ BLE5.1
RF Antenna External antenna Certification RoHS,REACH
Dimension L18.0 * W13.0 *T1.76mm Operating Voltage 3.3V
Operating Temperature -40°C to 85°C Storage Temperature -40°C to 85°C

Ordering Information

Part No. Description
FG6124NRXX-00 RS624MF, bluetooth module,  18.0*13.0mm , UART , without shielding


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