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3121N-ISC PLC-IoT Module

Hi3921SRNIV100 0.5-5.7MHz
MCU: Cortex M3, 200MHz
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Product Name

Hi3921SRNIV100  PLC-IoT Module  3121N-ISC




MCU: Cortex M3, 200MHz


Details information


CPU and Storage Performance

High-performance Cortex-M3 processor, working frequency 200MHz.

Embedded SRAM 256KB.

Physical Layer Features

Realize a subset of the IEEE 1901.1 standard. For chips that also use this subset, they can achieve interconnection and interoperability.

Supports two frequency bands of 0.5-3.7MHZ and 2.5-5.7MHZ. The frequency bands can be configured by software.

Adopt OFDM technology; support BPSK, QPSK modulation mode.

Support FEC and CRC functions, powerful denoising and error correction capabilities.

MAC Features

Support TDMA and CSMA/CA, and provide conflict avoidance mechanism.

Support data segmentation and reorganization to improve transmission efficiency.

Support data retransmission mechanism.

Support 4-level QoS to meet different business service quality requirements.

Networking Features

Supports automatic and fast networking, typical 200-scale, 2-level network scenarios, complete fast networking in 10s, and support fast communication.

Support dynamic routing, multi-path addressing.

Peripheral interfaces

I2C interface, UART interface, GPIO interface, PWM output, ADC input.

Communication indicators

The peak rate of the physical layer is 0.507Mbit/s, and the rate of the application layer is 80Kbps.

The receiving sensitivity is better than 0.2mVpp.

Power consumption and others

Static power consumption ≤0.15W (networking does not send packets).

Dynamic operating power ≤0.7W.

Operating temperature range: -40°C to +85°C.

Storage temperature range: -40°C to 125°C.

Package size: LxWxH:20.00*14.20*2.10mm


LED Driver/Panel

 Block Diagram 


Model No 3121N-ISC Main Chipset Hi3921SRNIV100
Interface UART/GPIO/PWM/I2C/ADC Band Standard 0.5-5.7MHz
Data Rate 80Kbps Certification RoHS,REACH
Antenna L,N Operating Voltage 3.3V
Dimension L20.0 * W14.2 * T2.10mm MCU Cortex M3, 200MHz
Operating Temperature -40°C to 85°C Storage Temperature -40°C to 125°C

 Ordering Information 

Part No. Description
FG3121NISC-01 Hi3921SRNIV100,PLC SOC,20.0*14.2*2.1mm,Gold Finger Version,PCB V3.0


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