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3121N-ISC PLC-IoT Module

PSO211  0.5-5.7MHz
MCU: Cortex M3, 200MHz
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Product Name

PSO211  PLC-IoT Module  3121N-ISC




MCU: Cortex M3, 200MHz


Details Information


3121N-ISC is a fully integrated power carrier (PLC) communication module with ultra-miniature size, compact structure and simple wiring. It can be widely used in intelligent street light, intelligent home, intelligent parking, central air conditioning and widely used in power Internet of things terminal equipment and other PLC instant communication application scenarios.

The 3121N-ISC is based on the HiSilicon PSO211 chipset, which integrates a high-speed/low-speed multi-mode power line carrier communication modem and an ARM Cortex-M3 processor. The PSO211 chipset supports P1901.1 and supports OFDM/FSK modulation.

3121N-ISC provides rich peripheral interfaces such as UART, PWM, GPIO, I2C, ADC, etc., and integrates the built-in Line-Driver. Equipped with Huawei IoT open source operating system LiteOS, it provides a more open development environment and a faster and safer operating system.


CPU and Storage Performance

High-performance Cortex-M3 processor, working frequency 200MHz.

Embedded SRAM 256KB.

Physical Layer Features

Realize a subset of the IEEE 1901.1 standard. For chips that also use this subset, they can achieve interconnection and interoperability.

Supports two frequency bands of 0.5-3.7MHZ and 2.5-5.7MHZ. The frequency bands can be configured by software.

Adopt OFDM technology; support BPSK, QPSK modulation mode.

Support FEC and CRC functions, powerful denoising and error correction capabilities.

MAC Features

Support TDMA and CSMA/CA, and provide conflict avoidance mechanism.

Support data segmentation and reorganization to improve transmission efficiency.

Support data retransmission mechanism.

Support 4-level QoS to meet different business service quality requirements.

Networking Features

Supports automatic and fast networking, typical 200-scale, 2-level network scenarios, complete fast networking in 10s, and support fast communication.

Support dynamic routing, multi-path addressing.

Peripheral interfaces

I2C interface, UART interface, GPIO interface, PWM output, ADC input.

Communication indicators

The peak rate of the physical layer is 0.507Mbit/s, and the rate of the application layer is 80Kbps.

The receiving sensitivity is better than 0.2mVpp.

Power consumption and others

Static power consumption ≤0.15W (networking does not send packets).

Dynamic operating power ≤0.7W.

Operating temperature range: -40°C to +85°C.

Storage temperature range: -40°C to 125°C.

Package size: LxWxH:20.00*14.20*2.10mm.


LED Driver/Panel

 Block Diagram 

3121N-ISC block diagram


Model No. 3121N-ISC Main Chipset PSO211
Interface UART/GPIO/PWM/I2C/ADC Band Standard 0.5-5.7MHz
Data Rate 80Kbps Certification RoHS,REACH
Antenna L,N Operating Voltage 3.3V
Dimension L20.0 * W14.2 * T2.10mm MCU Cortex M3, 200MHz
Operating Temperature -40°C to 85°C Storage Temperature -40°C to 125°C

 Ordering Information 

Part No. Description
FG3121NISC-03 PSO211,PLC SOC,20.0*14.2*2.1mm,Gold Finger Version,PCB V3.0


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