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What are the advantages of the wireless transceiver module?

Apr. 25, 2019

With the rapid development of the Internet of things, more and more smart products are emerging in the market, such as smart home, smart transportation and smart city. These terminal devices rely on the wireless transceiver module to achieve the transmission and reception of information.

What about the wireless transceiver module? Wireless transceiver module is actually a wireless module used to receive and transmit information. In general, the wireless transceiver module adopts ASK modulation mode to reduce power consumption. In the market, wireless transceiver module is divided into two types: superregenerative and superheterodyne.

What are the advantages of a wireless transceiver module?

1. The wireless transceiver module itself has very little radiation, and it can reduce the leakage of its own oscillation and the invasion of external interference signals with the shielding effect of the copper foil on the back of the circuit module.

2. The antenna input terminal has frequency selection circuit, which does not depend on frequency selection of 1/4 wavelength antenna. When the control distance is relatively short, the external antenna can be cut or even removed.

3. The waveform at the output end of the wireless transceiver module is relatively clean without signal, and the interference signal is short needle-like pulse, unlike other super-regenerative receiver circuits, which will generate dense noise waveform, so it has strong anti-interference ability.

wireless transceiver module

4. The wireless transceiver module is easy to operate and easy to maintain, which makes it very suitable for industrial environment or complex geographical environment. In addition, the strong diffraction ability of the wireless transceiver module can be widely used in oil fields, electric power, meteorology, wireless meter reading and other engineering operation environments, greatly reducing the input of human and material resources.

5. The volume of wireless transceiver module is very small, about the size of human thumb, making it the smallest module in the industry.

6. Because the use of ASK modulation, power consumption is very low, working time can be greatly improved.

7. The transmission distance is far. Among the wireless modules with the same parameters, the transmission distance of the wireless transceiver module is much farther than that of other modules.

8. Strong anti-interference ability, wireless transceiver module can have 20 channels, or more, can easily avoid interference.

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