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Application Examples For The Wireless Transceiver Module

Apr. 18, 2019

Application Examples For The Wireless Transceiver Module

Wireless Storage Product Manufacturer shares that ,what the user CARES about above all is transmission distance problem, distance is not a problem actually. In the near case, 433MHz band wireless data terminal DTD433 is adopted, while in the far case, GPRS transparent transmission data terminal DTP_S09F is adopted. The so-called "near", refers to within 3 kilometers can cover most factories and mines; The so-called "far" refers to the communication distance of more than 3 kilometers, even across different regions and countries. Fortunately, China's mobile network has covered the whole world, so distance is not a problem. DTP_S09F and DTD433 can meet the requirements of most wireless measurement and control.


Wireless communication scheme between multiple PLCS

Design specification of wireless MODBUS communication between Siemens S7_200, with design specification and PLC host and slave program.

Multiple mitsubishi PLC wireless N: N communication design, huichuan PLC and mitsubishi PLC program the same.

MODBUS wireless communication routines between two delta PLC, program source code and design.

Wireless PLC data terminal and wireless MODBUS measurement and control terminal connection application

PLC carries out MODBUS protocol wireless communication with 4DI/4DO wireless on-off terminal DTD433H within 3 kilometers and 4AI/4AO wireless analog terminal DTD433F to realize wireless MODBUS transmission.

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