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What exceptions are encountered while using the wireless module?

May. 05, 2019

With the continuous development of Internet of things communication technology, wireless module is becoming more and more perfect. Wireless remote meter reading, irrigation projects at home and abroad are using wireless module to control, such as using wireless module users more and more, there are many users in the use of wireless module for the first time when occasionally appear some exceptions, such as wireless module transmission distance is very short, can't normal communication between the wireless module, and data reception error, garbled words, and so on and so forth. In view of these wireless module abnormal problems, Bluetooth Dongle Exporter China has sorted out a solution, hoping to help the majority of users.

1. Short transmission distance of wireless module

Firstly, check whether the surrounding environment of the module is harsh, whether there is strong interference source, and check whether there is a lot of metal around.

Secondly, check whether the wireless module and the antenna are matched or in accordance with the correct, and the antenna can not be in contact with metal objects or too close. The antenna should be installed in a high and empty place as far as possible.

Again, the power ripple is too large, easy to cause interference with the surrounding frequency.

Finally, check whether the power supply is good, wireless products have higher requirements on power supply.

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2. No normal communication between wireless modules

Firstly, check whether the power supply is connected well, whether the data cable is connected well and whether the module works normally. After the power check is completed, observe whether the signal indicator light is correct. When receiving the wireless module, the signal light is green and red when transmitting. Check the module for damage

Secondly, whether the module is in normal communication mode (whether the signal will shine after normal power on)

Finally, check whether the frequency band, channel and air speed set between wireless modules are consistent.

3. Data receiving error

First, check whether the level interface of the wireless module is consistent with the connected device.

Secondly, does the module serial port parameter setting match the connected device?

Finally, is the module data interface good?