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Intelligent age: every house should have its soul!

Jun. 29, 2019

Intelligent age: every house should have its soul!

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How would you feel if you lived in a house that looked like something out of a sci-fi movie? He controlled everything in the room like a master of martial arts. Some people say this is science fiction movie hypothesis, but now such smart room has really come to people's real life, it is smart home.

When smart home comes into our life, hundreds of household chores can be completed with the touch of our fingertips. Our hands are liberated, providing a lot of convenience for life. Now, more and more families begin to pay attention to life to savour, building intelligence decorates a design to become the object that a lot of families take the lead to choose.

Intelligent and comfortable sound system, scientific and convenient intelligent light control system, beautiful and elegant yard refit... The intelligent home living space created by zhini makes every living family who walks in the forefront of The Times feel unprecedented comfort and sense of science and technology!

Following the design concept of humanization, environmental protection, comfort and intelligence, zhini intelligent home realizes the dream of ideal living space for users with the fashion sense of science and technology and the home decoration style of interactive experience. Let static home moving, life commonplace items, carrying the wings of scientific and technological intelligence, just as the imagination of the unbrided into the reality at hand.

General smart home is simply transplanted some smart home appliances products to residential buildings, it is difficult to form a systematic style. It connects the whole intelligent system of the house into an organic whole. It is no longer a simple "split-type" intelligent home appliance, but an intelligent ecosystem full of sense of science and technology. Scientific division of living space, and through the integration of the system closely linked together, for the home life has brought unprecedented changes, so that scientific and technological intelligence experience more realistic and carefree.

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In creating smart home living space, zhini pays more attention to reflect the personal experience of customers. We hope that smart home living space should have a feature of personal customization and refuse to copy and paste all the time. Otherwise, smart home design will lose its soul of keeping pace with The Times. From different home design layout to the specific display of distinct styles, zhini can be in accordance with the actual needs of customers, to create an ideal living intelligent space for users.

In numerous intelligence lives in a product, intelligent lamplight system should be practical tall, demand is many among them one kind. People in the home when different activities need lights to cooperate, to foil the environment. The demand of bedroom, sitting room, study each is not identical, the lamplight effect that needs when gathering, seeing a film is not identical also, and these intelligent lamplight can accomplish.

Compared with traditional lighting, intelligent lighting system can achieve soft and light, dimmer, a fully open and the light of the one to one remote control key scene management, such as fitted and use remote control, timing, centralized and remote control mode, and even use a computer to precise lighting intelligent control, thus to achieve the intelligent lighting energy saving, environmental protection, comfortable and convenient function.

Intelligence lives in new agitation, what it changes is a kind of way of life not only, it is the infinite yearning that modern person lives to livable environment more. No matter now or in the future, people's pursuit of happiness and sense of acquisition is constant, and home, as a person's spiritual habitat, intelligent home is essential!

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