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The Main Function Of Wifi Module

May. 02, 2018

The Wifi module includes two types of topology: Infra and Adhoc. To illustrate the topology of a wireless network, we first understand two basic concepts:

1: AP, the wireless access point, is the creator of a wireless network and is the central node of the network. The wireless router used in a typical home or office is an AP.

2: STA sites, each terminal connected to a wireless network (such as laptops, PDAs, and other user devices that can be networked) can be referred to as a site.

AP-based basic wireless network (Infra): Infra, also known as the basic network, is created by the AP, many STAs join the composition of the wireless network, this type of network is characterized by the AP is the center of the entire network, the network communications are done through the AP.

Adhoc: Adhoc is composed of only two or more STAs. There is no AP in the network. This type of network is a loose structure. All STAs in the system can communicate directly.

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