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WiFi Module 4 Key Indicators, WiFi Module Selection You Must Know

Apr. 11, 2019

Wireless module theory shared by China Wireless Module Supplier.

In the selection process of WiFi module, in addition to the functional requirements of WiFi, the characteristics of WiFi module are also the key factors to be considered. What are the factors to consider? The following xiaobian introduces five key indicators of the WiFi module according to the WiFi module of SKYLAB.

1. The transmitting power of WiFi module

In different wireless protocols, the transmitted power is not the same. Generally, the transmitting power of SKYLAB WIFI module is around 18dBm, while that of high-power WIFI module is around 28dBm.

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2. Transmission rate of WiFi module

According to different protocols and the configuration of the hardware of the module itself, the transmission rate of the WiFi module will be different.

3. The transmission distance of the WiFi module

Not to mention the transmission distance of the WiFi module, which is considered by more than half of China Wireless Module Manufacturers.

4. Power consumption of WiFi module

The difference, by definition, between the input power and output power of a device, device, etc.

The power consumption of the WiFi module is closely related to the transmitting power and transmission distance of the WiFi module. The larger the transmitting power is, the farther the transmission distance is, and the greater the power consumption is.