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Bluetooth and BLE Modules

Sep. 25, 2017

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communication technology, can realize the fixed equipment, mobile equipment. The data exchange between the Bluetooth 3 before BR/EDR Bluetooth called traditional Bluetooth and Bluetooth 4 specification of the LE Bluetooth called low-power Bluetooth. The Bluetooth 4 standard including traditional Bluetooth module part and low-power Bluetooth module that is a double standard. Low Power Bluetooth is based on the traditional Bluetooth development, and different from the traditional module, the biggest feature is the cost and lower power consumption, applied to the real-time requirements are relatively high.

BLE Modules

BLE (Bluetooh Low Energy) module is a short-range, low-cost, interoperable wireless technology that uses many intelligent means to minimize power consumption. It is very suitable for the work mode from the micro wireless sensor (every half second an exchange of data) to transmit data or other peripherals using a fully asynchronous communication remote control. The device sends data amount is very small (usually a few bytes), and send a few times per second (for example a few times to once every minutes or less).

The main application field of BLE module:

1, Mobile extension device.

2, Automotive electronic equipment.

3, Health care products: heart belt, blood pressure meter and so on.

4, Positioning applications: indoor positioning, down hole positioning, etc.

5, Short distance data acquisition: wireless meter, wireless telemetry etc.

6, Data transmission: Home Furnishing intelligent room control, Bluetooth dimming, printer etc.