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Transmission Characteristics And Analysis of Wireless Modules

Sep. 16, 2018

As a Wireless Module Supplier, We want to say, Wireless module is a kind of module which USES wireless technology for wireless transmission. It is widely used in computer wireless network, wireless communication, wireless control and other fields. For its characteristics and characteristics:

Wireless Storage Device

Intelligent data control, users do not need to program redundant. Maximize the reuse of most of the serial port manipulation code. For the software of the monitoring system, the wireless transmission mode is exactly the same as the original wired transmission mode. It only needs to add the wireless module on the hardware and drop all the wired lines and equipment at the same time. Moreover, the operation is very simple.
High reliability, small size and light weight. High performance single chip processor ATMega8L, less peripheral circuits, high reliability, low fault rate. The size of the wireless module is similar to matchbox. Such size will not cause difficulties in the transformation of the original system. Even some competent yuntai manufacturers can embed the wireless data transmission module into the yuntai, so that the products will have a leading competitive edge.
The watchdog monitors in real time. In the case of power failure, power surge, external interference, and system debugging, the wireless module will not have problems. As long as it is powered on, it can work safely and stably.
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