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What is The Role of The Wireless Transmitter and Receiver Module?

Dec. 04, 2018

With the development of science and technology, wireless transmission modules are increasingly used in various industries. And there are many Wifi Modules for Sale. Why is the wireless transmitting module so widely used? What is the role of the wireless transmitting and receiving module?

Function 1. A wireless communication network used to form a star topology. And it must be a multi-point star topology, and some extraordinary places require wireless communication.

Function 2, for wireless multi-channel (parallel) control. For example, complex remote control robots require multi-channel (parallel) control in some locations.

Function 3, The wifi module such as IoT Wi-Fi Module can be used for universal serial port (RS232 wireless data transmission. There are usually many control instruments and devices using serial port, and communication with these devices must meet the serial port requirements.

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