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How to Better Layout Wireless Transmitter Module?

Mar. 27, 2019

How to better layout the wireless transmitter module such as IoT Wi-Fi Module? The wireless transmitter module should be installed vertically on the edge of the motherboard, and should be more than 5mm away from the surrounding components to avoid the influence of distributed parameters.

The transmission distance of the wireless transmitting module from WiFi Module Supplier is related to the frequency and amplitude of the modulated signal, the transmitting voltage and the battery capacity, the transmitting antenna, the sensitivity of the receiver, and the receiving and receiving environment.

The wireless transmitting module generally has a maximum communication distance of more than 1000 meters in the open area. In the case of obstacles, the distance will be shortened. Due to the refraction and reflection during radio signal transmission, some dead zones and unstable areas will be formed, and different transmitting and receiving environments will be formed. There will be different sending and receiving distances.

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