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When The Wifi Modules Is Out Of Order, What Should I Do In This Case?

Jul. 06, 2018

At present, there are many China Wifi Modules Manufacturer exporting to other countries in the market, but what should we do when we buy these products?

We know that the Wifi Modules has been used in our daily life, and use is also quite broad, according to the small make up personally understand common to open area to launch receiving module maximum distance is about 800 meters, in the case of disabled, then it is easy to shorten the distance, which is for the radio signal transmission in the process of refraction and reflection can form some dead zone or is there some unstable area, different transceiver environment will appear different transceiver distance, we need to know about this.

For launch receiving wireless module is best can vertically installed at the edge of the motherboard, then we will need to pay attention to leave around device more than 5 mm, in order to avoid affected by the distribution parameters, the module of transmission distance and the modulation signal frequency and amplitude, launch voltage and battery capacity, the transmitting antenna, receiver, the sensitivity of the transceiver to environmental factors.

For launch to send and receive wireless module mainly adopts the way is to ASK modulation, in order to reduce power consumption, when the data signal stops emission current zero, data module input resistance can be used as signal transmission or direct connection and cannot use capacitive coupling, or launch a wireless module will not be able to normal work, data level should be close to the actual working voltage data module, in order to obtain higher modulation effect.

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