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Charge Treasure Safe Use, You Must Understand!

Sep. 20, 2018

The following aspects should be paid attention to when using the charging treasure such as China Fast Charging Power Bank:

China Fast Charging Power Bank

1. The charging time should not be too long. The time should be estimated before charging, and the charging time should be controlled to reduce the possibility of increasing explosion probability due to controlling electrical failure.

2. The battery should be used and stored under the condition of ventilation, room temperature and drying, and should not be used and stored in the environment of overheating and humidity.

Charging treasure is also afraid of "cold". When it is below 0 degrees, it is best to cover it with a flannelette bag antifreeze. Due to the low temperature toughness of the plastic shell, the charging treasure is prone to crack, fracture and other phenomena when subjected to external forces. The shell will collide and may explode.

4. Don't put pressure on the charging treasure in a rough way, and pay attention to avoid heavy pressure, fall and strong vibration at ordinary times, so as to avoid short circuit phenomenon and cause short circuit detonation when charging.

5. The frequency of using the battery pack should not be too frequent, which can shorten its service life and increase the risk.

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