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About Bluetooth Modules Selection

Jul. 02, 2018

There are three factors to consider when choosing Bluetooth Modules.

1) transmission rate

Transmission rate or data rate is usually the first thing that designers and developers consider because it forces designers and developers to consider the type of information that needs to be transmitted between devices. For example, the data rate needed to transfer high-quality music to a headset is very different from that required for a basic heartbeat monitor.

2) power category and transmission range coverage

On the manufacturer and distributor website, bluetooth modules are classified by category, where the category refers to the power category. The higher the power class, the farther the transmission can reach. Like any wireless technology, bluetooth networks have limited distances. The transmission distance varies with different versions. In the same version, the supported transmission distance will still vary with different power classes.

3) power consumption

Power consumption is mainly related to transmission speed and distance. Since bluetooth devices are typically powered by batteries, the operating current/voltage of the device is an important consideration because it directly determines the charging time and battery life.

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