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Do You Really Know About Bluetooth Adaptors?

Oct. 27, 2018

The bluetooth adapter from the Bluetooth Dongle Manufacturer is for all kinds of digital products can be used for bluetooth devices interface converter.

Bluetooth Dongle Manufacturer

Bluetooth from the Bluetooth Module Manufacturers, a short-range wireless connection that is common around the world, USES the same free, no-application radio spectrum near 2.4GHz as microwaves. In order to avoid the mutual interference caused by the large number of electronic devices in the frequency band, the transmission rate ranges from 432Kbps to 721Kbps with 1,600 high-difficulty frequency hopping and encryption and security technologies. The mature version widely used in the bluetooth specification is 1.1, with a bandwidth of about 1Mbps, and some versions up to 2Mbps.

Bus types can be divided into ISA bus, PCI bus and USB bus. The ISA bus transmits data in 16 bits at a nominal speed of 10M. PCI bus transmits data in 32 bit, fast. At present, most PCI buses of 10M and 100M are on the market. With the popularity of USB interface, the existing bluetooth adapter is basically USB bus.

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