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How to Connect the Smart TV Bluetooth Adapter?

Nov. 27, 2018

1. Insert the Bluetooth Adapter which from the Bluetooth Dongle Manufacturer, into the [USB Interface] of the computer;

2. Download and install the [Bluetooth Driver] of the computer. After the installation is complete, open the [Program], click [Search Device], the computer will start searching for nearby Bluetooth devices;

3. Start the TV, find [System Settings], click to enter, find [Bluetooth Settings], click to enter, [Enable Bluetooth] and select [Search Device], then the TV will also search for the surrounding Bluetooth devices which from the Bluetooth Dongle Manufacturer;

4. Under normal circumstances, both the computer and the TV will find each other and display the device name.

5, operate on the computer, right click on the [TV name], select [Start connection];

6. At this time, the TV will prompt the connection request of the computer, and click [Allow Pairing] to complete the pairing between the computer and the TV;

7. After the pairing is completed, the computer and the TV can transfer files to each other.

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