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What is The Bluetooth Adapter Used For?

Nov. 20, 2018

We are China USB Dongle Supplier. We want to say USB bluetooth adapter, also known as bluetooth transceiver, bluetooth dongle, is a USB interface bluetooth function interface. USB bluetooth adapter can add bluetooth function to computer without bluetooth function. With the addition of a bluetooth adapter, you can play music on your computer and listen to it through a bluetooth headset or bluetooth speaker. You can also use bluetooth headsets to talk to friends about QQ, and you can send files to your phone wirelessly via bluetooth.
Today's laptops are basically equipped with Bluetooth Dongle Adapter. But desktop, basically no. To use functions like bluetooth headsets, bluetooth speakers, and bluetooth phones, you have to add a bluetooth interface to your computer. Usb bluetooth interface is the most convenient solution, it does not need to drive the design, plug directly into the usb interface of the computer, can realize bluetooth function.

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