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[Wifi Modules Wholesaler]Does the wireless transceiver module need an antenna?

May. 13, 2019

Does the wireless transceiver module need an antenna?

With the development of the Internet of things, there are more and more contacts between wireless transceiver modules. It is found that the antenna occupies an important position in the field of communication. The communication distance between two same wireless transceiver modules connected to the antenna and those not connected to the antenna are different.

With antenna built - in antenna and external antenna

Select the built-in antenna:

1. The surrounding area of the antenna shall be kept open to avoid the appearance of large volume metal devices. The shell part corresponding to the antenna area shall not be sprayed with metal;

2. The antenna should be placed away from the handheld area;

Iii. If the product is installed on a metal table or wall, the antenna area of the product shall pay attention to metal avoidance;

Four, the antenna placement position should avoid the product internal strong interference source, and the interference source should do a good job shielding, filtering and other electromagnetic interference suppression measures.

If external antenna is selected:

1. If the installation environment of the product is harsh, such as there are many metal objects around the product and the signal is easy to be blocked, vehicle-mounted products, wireless meter reading products, wireless public telephone products, etc., it is suggested to choose the external antenna.

2. If there are many metal structural parts inside the product, the structure of the product is not conducive to the realization of the built-in antenna, and the external antenna form is preferred.

3. If there are many strong interference sources or particularly sensitive circuits inside the product, such as embedded application processor circuit, memory circuit, high-speed digital signal processing circuit, clock oscillation circuit and switching power supply circuit, etc., the external antenna should be selected, and the external antenna should be far away from the strong interference source and sensitive circuit.

Without antenna

It is possible to communicate normally between modules without an antenna, and there is no difference between transmitting data packet and receiving data packet, but the actual communication distance will be greatly reduced. Therefore, if you need to test a wireless module, it is recommended that you take the antenna to test again, so that the test effect will be better

Does the wireless transceiver module need an antenna? The PNG

Wireless communication module terminal products, its antenna matching is a very important link. Pass the detailed introduction of this article, can make a reference to the user in use. This paper puts forward some Suggestions on the antenna selection of terminal products, hoping to provide help and guidance to customers.