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  • Wireless Pendrive power bank FW-A80 1

Wireless Pendrive power bank FW-A80 1


    FW-A80 WiFi Storage power bank= WiFi Pen Drive + Normal Pen Drive + Power Bank

1. Compatibility: Compatible with both iOS and Android phones, App enable your mobile with one click connection. And connecting it to computer with cables will act equivalent to ordinary pendrive.

2. Scalability: It can replace the built-in TF card, users can expand the memory capacity according to their own needs.

3. At any time: One-click connection, enable the photos, video backup and mobile storage expansion. No need to spend the data stream. It is convenient and fast on file sharing, local management and searching of third-party data files. At the same time, it supports decompression and browsing of compressed files.

4. Security: Support password unlocking. It has a password function to protect private files and prevent leaks.

5. Comfortableness: the hidden bracket design will free your hands when viewing the film.






Format:FAT32 exFAT


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