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Working Mode of WiFi Module

Apr. 08, 2018

FN-LINK is WiFi Module manufacturer, we will talk about the working mode of WiFi Module in this news.

1. Active serial device networking:

Active-type serial device networking refers to the way that the device actively initiates connections and interacts with the back-end server (uploading or downloading). A typical active device, such as a wireless POS machine, starts to connect to a background server and upload transaction data after each swiping transaction is completed. The topology of PUSH serial device networking is shown in the right figure. Among them, the background server acts as a TCP server, and the device accesses the network through a wireless AP/router and acts as a TCP client.

WiFi Module

2. Passive serial device networking:

Passive serial device networking means that all devices in the system are always in a passive waiting connection state, and only the background server initiates the connection with the device and requests or transmits data. In typical applications, such as certain wireless sensor networks, each sensor terminal is always collecting data in real time, but the collected data is not uploaded immediately, but is temporarily stored in the device.