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What is Wireless Storage Device?

Jan. 29, 2018

What is Wireless Storage Device? Wireless storage refers to the wireless storage, but also has wireless routing, wireless transmission, wireless sharing, card reader, mobile power and other functions of mobile devices. Simply speaking, storage and wireless products, hard disk as a storage medium, wireless wifi as a means of transmission, is a new type of equipment used to make backup or shared resources, the common is WiFi Storage.

Wireless Storage Device

So what exactly can Wireless Storage Device do? It can instantaneously expand the storage space for the current smart phone without having to worry about the lack of storage space and has the concept of mobile sharing freely shared. It can support five multimedia devices to share favorite multimedia files at the same time, and play with the cached Software design, even if five devices simultaneously play the same large PPT files, high-definition video or video, will not appear Caton phenomenon. At the same time Wireless Storage Device can be transformed into a wireless router, anytime, anywhere into your new hot WIFI. In addition, the Wireless Storage Device can also be used as a standard USB mobile hard disk, do not need to connect the power supply, directly through the USB power supply.