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What’s the Technical Advantages of WiFi Modules?

Jan. 11, 2018

1, WiFi inventory, high popularity.

WiFi module used in the field of smart home, promotion is relatively easy, consumers are also easy to accept. Objectively speaking, WiFi devices provide the advantages of smart devices, to catch this express train easier.

2, WiFi module cheaper.

Although the WiFi module is an electronic component, but very cheap. Such a low price, the traditional device embedded WiFi module one second turned smart home, to achieve networked equipment and remote control.

3, Low threshold of WiFi module research and development.

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Different from the ZigBee module, WiFi module R & D threshold is very low. A qualified graduates will be able to complete the relevant design in a very short period of time. As for the ZigBee module, the source code alone reached 400,000 rows, you have to spend two years of reading time. So from the perspective of manufacturers R & D, embedded smart device WiFi module can be completed in a short time R & D and design work on the market, quick.

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