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Prospects of NB-IoT

Apr. 03, 2018

In fact, compared to Bluetooth, ZigBee, and other short-range communication technologies, mobile cellular networks have features such as wide coverage, mobility, and large number of connections, which can bring more rich application scenarios and should be the main connectivity technologies of the Internet of Things.

High quality NB-IoT Module

NB-IoT has four major features: First, wide coverage, will provide improved indoor coverage, at the same frequency band, NB-IoT gains 20dB over the existing network, the coverage area is increased by 100 times; second is to support massive connections Capability, NB-IoT can support 100,000 connections in one sector, support low latency sensitivity, ultra-low device cost, low device power consumption and optimized network architecture; third, lower power consumption, NB-IoT terminal module The standby time can be as long as 10 years; Fourth, lower module cost, the company expects a single consecutive module does not exceed 5 US dollars.

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