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OneNET Successfully Held NB-IoT Module Chip Conference

Apr. 04, 2018

On March 27, 2018, China Mobile IoT Co., Ltd. held the "OneNET Open Platform NB-IoT Module Chip Cooperation and Exchange Conference" in Chongqing.

The NB-IoT network has the advantages of wide coverage, large connectivity, and low cost. During the networking of the Internet of Things, the platform's access and end-to-end communications all have technical barriers that cannot be ignored in the current Internet of Things industry.

NB-IoT Module

ZTE Microelectronics, Qualcomm, Redeco Microelectronics, Shanghai Mobile Communications, and Corecom Wireless Technology have partnered with each other to introduce and share their respective NB-IoT terminal products. At present, nearly 30 module chip manufacturers including the above five have completed the NB-IoTSDK access test and code porting with the OneNET platform, which substantially reduces the development cost of the scenario application.

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