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Introduction of Our Bluetooth Low Energy Modules

Oct. 10, 2017

We introduced Bluetooth Low Energy Modules last news. Today we would like to introduce you some types of our BLE Modules more details.

RF-CC2540(T)A1 & RF-BM-S02A & RF-BM-S02

The module can work in bridge mode (transparent transmission mode) and direct-drive mode.

After being started, the module can broadcast automatically. Smart phones with specific application running will scan and pair with it. When connection success, the smart phone can monitor and control the module through Bluetooth protocol.

Bluetooth Low Energy Modules

RF-BM-S01A & RF-BM-S01

The module is designed to quickly connect electronic products with smart mobile devices, and can be widely used in various electronic devices, such as instruments, logistics tracking, healthcare, smart home, sports metering, automotive electronics, toys, and etc. With Android 4.3 smart devices integrated with BLE technology, it will be a trend that BLE will be the standard configuration of smart phones. And the market demand on smart phone peripherals will increase geometrically. With this module, users can integrate their existing solutions or products in the shortest development cycle, to occupy the market in the fastest speed, and to empower their company’s growth with the strength of new technology.

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