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Core Technology Modules Of Intelligent Robot

Feb. 08, 2018

Service robot interaction, perception, motor ability corresponds to the three modules. The interaction module includes speech recognition, semantic recognition, speech synthesis, image recognition and the like, which is equivalent to the human brain. The sensing module is equivalent to human eyes, ears and nose by means of various sensors, gyroscopes, laser radar, cameras and cameras , Skin, etc .; operation and control module, including steering gear, motors, chips and so on. The order of importance of maturity is as follows: voice module, image module, operation and control module, perception module, semantic module and chip module.

Robots Modules RTL8711AF

This IoT Wi-Fi Module produced by FN-Link is applies to: IOT Internet of things, robots, smart home field. Its main chip is RTL8711AF. Welcome contact us for the wholesale price.