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Categories and Application Patterns of Wireless Video Surveillance

Sep. 28, 2017

The monitoring technology has entered the realm of multiple wireless monitoring application , wireless transmission interface can be equipped with a variety of security monitoring. Media are quite diverse, mainly from the transmission of data signals GPRS, Z-wave, Zigbee and WSN, to broadband WiFi, WiMAX and 3GTD ultra wideband, and then to 4GTD-LTE. They are the basic transmission technology can be used the wireless security monitoring system, the only difference only lies in the wireless video monitoring application of the benefits are different. The wireless monitoring system of the mainstream application technology such as 3G, WIFI, WIMAX etc. by microwave signal band emission effect of power and other factors, each in the network transmission rate, difference of technical parameters of coverage and so on, which is based on WiFi, WiMAX and 3G for the high-speed transmission of 4G image, because of the popularity of the coverage limit is not widely used.

WiFi Module

WiFi video surveillance has the following advantages:

1. And the signal transmission radius of up to 100 meters, can be used in the office, or even the entire building;

2. The transmission speed is very fast, can reach 11-54Mbps, with individual and regional image and information demand;

3. And the engineering firms to enter the threshold is relatively low, as long as the set AP "hot spot" in the monitoring range of engineering, and through high-speed lines will be Internet access to these places, notebook computer, only supports wireless monitoring using the LAN workstation, or even mobile phone or PDA to take the region, can be high-speed access wireless image transmission network.

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