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Application of NB - IoT in Cover Monitoring

Sep. 21, 2017

Our city is in the process of rapid construction, municipal public infrastructure set up underground works, manhole cover increase is inevitable. If you can not get the status of the covers in time, it will be possible to cause great losses for people's lives and property.

If you use IoT technology for cover detection, there will be many advantages.

No longer need manual inspection, all data automatically transmitted to the platform, saving a lot of human resources. NB-IoT can accommodate communication base station user capacity is 10 times that of GPRS, can meet the huge demand for covers. NB-IoT has ultra-low power consumption, normal communication and standby current is mA and uA level, the module standby time can be up to ten years, greatly simplifying the cover monitoring in the late maintenance. NB-IoT has a stronger, wider signal can be covered the indoor and basement, achieve full coverage in cover monitoring. 

With the popularity of smart home industry in recent years, IoT wifi module appears more frequently.

IoT Wifi Module