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Advantages of Our RTL8723BU Module?

Feb. 11, 2018

FN-LINK products and sells high quality module with different main chip, including RTL8723BU Module, RTL8195AM Module.Today we will share the advantages of RTL8723BU Module.

1, Technical support. FN-LINK has experienced engineering team, we guarantee that every one of the products have been through rigorous network communications performance testing and electromagnetic compatibility verification.

2, Low cost. The RTL8723BU module supply stability, bulk price is very favorable.

3, Various versions of the software support.

4, Strong supply capacity. Long-term stability of the bulk supply worry-free.

5, RTL8723BU module has stable performance. Our WIFI module through the chip factory certification permit, the product performance is stable, is currently shipping in volume.

6, We has a customer area. Laptops, tablets, smartphones / TVs, web players, security surveillance, smart home, etc., to provide customers with product solutions.

RTL8723BU module