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The 6 Steps You Need to Master to Choose A Wireless Module!

The 6 Steps You Need to Master to Choose A Wireless Module!

2019/09/24 11:40
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There are 6 steps to be taken when selecting a wireless module from the Wifi Modules Supplier! The specific steps include the following six aspects, which are specifically introduced by A for your analysis.

The first step, when we choose the wireless module, we must consider the environment in which the equipment works, such as forests, buildings, metal mines, or electromagnetic interference, etc. If there are many sources of interference, we can choose anti-interference. Strong wireless modules, such as 433HZ wireless modules, lora wireless modules, IoT WiFi Module, etc. are all wireless modules with strong anti-interference ability.

The second step is to choose the wireless module that suits you according to your needs. For example, we need the transmission distance of the wireless module to be 500 meters. As a result, the distance of the wireless module we purchased is 1000 meters, or only 300 meters. It is over-capacity, and the function behind does not meet our needs. In addition, we also need to consider whether the power, development cycle, interface, etc. meet their own needs, it is not easy to buy a wireless module that suits your needs, don't think about it, or when using it, There was a problem, both of which were the loss of both the user and the supplier.

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In the third step, when selecting the wireless module, be sure to select the antenna that the wireless module wants to match. Whether it is the reception of the wireless module from the Wireless Module Supplier or the transmission of the wireless module, the antenna is needed. The appropriate antenna can optimize the network and increase the communication range. And reliability, and vice versa.

The fourth step, the price of the product, when we buy the wireless module, in addition to the performance of the product, the most concerned about the price of the product, we choose the wireless module is the time to consider its cost-effective, not to be cheap If you choose a product that is not suitable for you, the loss is your own.

The fifth step, when we choose the wireless module, we must consider the size of the wireless module, whether it can be embedded in the device, otherwise, the wireless module is suitable for itself, and it is no good to use it.

The sixth step, we have to select the manufacturer, the better the reputation of the manufacturer, the quality of the product will certainly not be bad.