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How to Choose the Right Wireless Receiver Module?

How to Choose the Right Wireless Receiver Module?

2019/09/24 11:39
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How to choose the right wireless receiver module such as the a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi Module? Mainly from three aspects, the specific wireless module manufacturer Ling Chengxin Electronics introduced and analyzed for you.

a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi Module

(1)analyze from the demand: understand what kind of performance the product should achieve, what kind of function is reflected, whether the parameters are suitable, how much power is used, which frequency is selected, and how far distance to transfer,

(2)we must consider the size of the wifi module such as the b/g/n BT Module, whether it can be embedded in the device;

(3)consider the price of the product, whether it is compatible with the current equipment products, and do not choose the inferior module because of the cheap.

(4)Select the appropriate antenna: After selecting the wireless transceiver module such as the b/g/n Wi-Fi Module, you can match the antenna with the appropriate frequency and high gain to effectively improve the communication stability and communication distance.