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Do You Know These Basic Features of Wireless Module?

Do You Know These Basic Features of Wireless Module?

2019/09/24 11:37
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The main features of the wireless module China IOT Wifi Modules are 10 aspects. The specific China IOT Wifi Modules Supplier will give you a detailed analysis and introduction.

These basic features of the wireless module:

(1) 433Mhz open ISM band license-free use

(2) Receive and send function is unified, send and receive completion interrupt flag

(3) 170 channels, which can meet the needs of multi-point communication and frequency hopping communication, realize networking communication, TDMA-CDMA-FDMA

(4) Built-in hardware 8/16-bit CRC check, development is simpler, data transmission is reliable and stable

(5) Working voltage 1.9-3.6V, low power consumption, standby mode only 2.5uA

(6) Receive sensitivity up to -100dBm

(7) Transceiver mode switching time <>

(8) Up to 32 bytes can be sent and received at a time, and the send/receive buffer size can be set by software 2/4/8/16/32 bytes.

(9) The module can be set by software. The data will be output only when the local address is received (provide interrupt indication), which can be directly connected to various single-chip microcomputers. Software programming is very convenient.

(10) Maximum transmission power 10 mW, emission mode: maximum current <>.

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The above is about the wireless module knowledge, if you are looking for China Wifi Modules Manufacturer, welcome to contact us!