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How to Test the Wireless Module Receiving Sensitivity?

How to Test the Wireless Module Receiving Sensitivity?

2019/09/24 11:35
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How to test the receiving sensitivity of the wireless module such as b/g/n Wi-Fi Module? The sensitivity test does not require a strict shielding room. Of course, the shielding condition is best. The RF cable is used to connect the instrument to the receiver to be tested. The receiver is not connected to the antenna at this time. Said instrument replaces the antenna as a signal input to the receiver.

b/g/n BT Module

The instrument can use a vector signal generator, such as the SMJ100, to use a vector signal generator regardless of cost, and consider the cost of the analog baseband + ordinary RF signal generator.

1. Connect the device under test to the RF1 port of the comprehensive tester through a coaxial cable.

2, menu selection sensitivity test interface, set signal frequency, modulation parameters, data source

3. Set a strong power value (for example: -50dbm) to ensure that the device under test can receive the data and indicate it, and gradually reduce the power value until the device under test cannot receive the data correctly.

4. The tester reads out the test result (minimum signal power value that can be normally received by the device under test).

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