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The Wireless Transceiver Module Originally had These 5 Advantages

The Wireless Transceiver Module Originally had These 5 Advantages

2019/09/24 11:33
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The wireless receiving and transmitting module such as a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi Module originally had these 5 advantages! The specific advantages include the following five aspects, specifically introduced by the wireless module manufacturer:

(1) Easy installation and maintenance, strong diffraction energy, flexible networking structure and wide coverage.

The wireless receiving and transmitting module is suitable for applications with many points and scattered, complex geographical environment, etc. It can be widely used in hydrology, oil field, electric power, transportation, meteorology, environmental protection, security, banking, taxation, alarm, GPS positioning information back, GIS, etc. The monitoring of the field and the real-time transmission of collected data meet the requirements of customers for real-time and accuracy of data, greatly reducing the labor intensity and operating costs of the enterprise.

(2) Simple and easy to use hardware interface function.

The wireless receiving and transmitting module can solder the module to the main board with a 2.54mm pitch pin, which can conveniently realize serial data transmission with the 232 interface. At the same time, it also provides easy-to-understand fool package download and technical support. Customers no longer need to waste time and energy for complex register preparation, which can shorten the application development cycle of 2.4G products, reduce development difficulty and save R&D costs.

(3) The price-to-price ratio is high.

The wireless receiving and transmitting module can be used in many places, and its transmitting module and receiving module such as b/g/n Wi-Fi Module are only the size of the thumb, which is one of the most compact modules in the industry.

(4) High sensitivity.

The sensitivity of the receiver of the wireless receiving and transmitting module is related to the receiving and receiving environment. Different receiving and receiving environments have different sending and receiving distances. It can directly replace the wired RS485 network. It is a low-cost, high-performance ASK/OOK (ON-OFFKeyed). ) Wireless receiving module, the main application and wireless remote control receiving field. Compared with other superheterodyne receiver modules, it has a filter chip, which is cheap, and has good performance and stability. The sensitivity can reach -120dBm, which greatly increases the receiving distance.

(6) Low power consumption.

The wireless receiving and transmitting data module adopts ASK mode modulation to reduce power consumption. When the data signal stops, the transmitting current drops to zero. The data signal and the transmitting module input terminal can be connected by resistor or directly without capacitive coupling, otherwise the transmitting module will not be able to normal work. The data level should be close to the actual operating voltage of the data module to achieve a higher modulation effect.