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Smart home: use technological intelligence to define living space

Smart home: use technological intelligence to define living space

2019/09/24 11:23
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Smart home: use technological intelligence to define living space
How would you feel if you lived in a house that looked like something out of a sci-fi movie? He controlled everything in the room like a master of martial arts. Some people say this is science fiction movie hypothesis, but Bluetooth Module Manufacturer shares that now such smart room has really come to people's real life, it is smart home. Speaking of intelligent household, a lot of people are not strange, because in the private villa of a few developed countries, the popularity rate of intelligent household is very high already.
In recent years, brand designers of smart home have gradually emerged in the domestic market. They are good at customizing smart home according to the distribution of residential pattern and individual preferences of house owners, and providing customers with one-to-one overall design scheme and construction project of smart home. In Beijing intelligence lives in the market, the person that rises to the top intelligence lives in the brand design business to become the hot gold word sign in the industry.
Every smart home customization has its own unique features
Zhini smart home is the first to do smart home customization brand in Beijing, integration of domestic and international advanced impact system and smart home integration system, zhini produced smart home design completely subvert our imagination of ordinary life space. Walk into a building, you are the owner of the building, everything here is in your hands. From the exquisite and beautiful courtyard to the intelligent technology lock, to the indoor sound box, lighting, environmental control, zhini may be tailored to the needs of customers rich personal characteristics of the home life space.
In the high-quality Beijing intelligent home space created by zheni, the reporter was pleasantly surprised to see the popular home theater system on the market at present, the huge shock movie screen, comparable to the audio-visual enjoyment of professional cinema, making it difficult for people to combine such cool and cool movie-watching experience with the family. However, through research and development, zeni finally brings home the home theater system that customers have been dreaming of. Careful reporter discovers, in visiting different intelligence to live in custom-built case, the design style of each case all has different. Chief intelligent household stylist tells a reporter, abusers, pay attention to in building intelligent household living Spaces reflect the customer's personal experience, they hope to smart home living space should have a feature of the private custom, refused to machine-made copy paste, or intelligent household design would have lost his soul of keeping the pace with The Times. From different home design layout to the specific display of distinct styles, zhini can be in accordance with the actual needs of customers, for them to create an ideal life intelligent space.
There is no denying that smart home has become the trend of The Times
In recent years, smart phones, smart phones, smart sweepers, smart robots and other fields of smart products into people's lives, and the emergence of smart home in Beijing is also to meet the social technology development trend. One person can control the items of the whole room, which is convenient, fast and efficient. Smart home is more suitable for modern people's fast-paced life. Just in person ni undertakes intelligence to live in custom-made Mr Qu tells a reporter: "live in to intelligence before without what concept, until walk into a friend's home to just feel very pleasantly surprised. The decoration of the whole home is like a science fiction movie, and you can enjoy the good time of your family with just a button. Mr Qu found renni intelligent home, hope to be able to carry out intelligent home customization, for their own living space to upgrade. In fact, such customers as Mr. Qu is not rare, they feel the novelty and convenience of intelligent home life in the actual experience, has been trying to change their own home, meet the arrival of intelligent home times.
Smart home has gradually become an indisputable fact into the public vision, from the early famous buildings to the private homes of celebrities to ordinary families, smart home is changing our traditional way of life, open a new era of life.
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